Managed Print Services – Tips & Potential Cost Saving Solutions


Are all Managed Print Services the same?

There are many forms of Managed Print Services available. They range from a simple device management console through to solutions with a secure sign-in facility at the machine.

Many customers are hesitant to implement such solutions as most prove to be very slow at authenticating users. They can also be slow at changing between applications at the user interface.

Another problem with most Managed Print Services is the use of multiple operating platforms. When the software developer is different to the hardware manufacturer, service and support may become messy. Resolving issues can be more difficult as you may not know who to call if the cause of the problem is unknown. Upgrades in software or hardware after the initial installation may also create compatibility issues.


Common Questions about Managed Print Services – Reducing Print Costs


How much would we reduce our printing costs if our company had the right Managed Print Services solution?

Approximately 15% of all prints are either duplicates, left at the printer and thrown away, or re-prints because the original was accidentally taken by someone else. This could be completely eliminated with the right print solution.


If we already have print reporting software, does Managed Print Services help reduce our printing costs?

No. Print reporting software only gives you a breakdown of your printing. This alone does not effect any changes to the printing habits of staff.


We have many staff who print via mobile devices. Are we able to control and track their print usage?

Some solutions may be able to produce a report on print usage. However, most of them are unable to manage the print output of mobile devices with rules and routing software.


How can we simplify our multifunction device solution and keep the Finance Department, IT Manager and staff happy?

With Ricoh Streamline NX, users can access all functions from a single interface at the multifunction device. Administrators can control and monitor an entire fleet of networked devices from one simple portal. When you have a user-friendly solution that is easy to manage, print rules can be easily applied to control print usage.



Common Questions about Managed Print Services – Swipe Cards & Secure Printing


Secure Print – Why are multifunction devices so slow to authenticate swipe cards and display my print jobs?

Most solutions use third party software to authenticate the user. Lag time may be caused from the swipe card communicating with the multifunction device.


Will using a simple “swipe & release” card system to print jobs actually reduce our printing costs?

No. A simple “swipe & release” system will print every job in the operator’s print queue unless manually deleted.


With multifunction device “swipe card” solutions, why are the user interfaces so difficult to use?

Most solutions use an embedded user interface from a third party software developer. This will only provide a generic solution that can be installed on most devices. Only an embedded software solution developed by the hardware manufacturer will provide you with the most integrated user interface.


Why is changing between the secure print queue and the scan screen so slow with our multifunction devices?

Most solutions require multiple back-end operating systems to authenticate the user. It then needs to switch operating systems to manage scanning and other applications.


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