How to get out of an office copier or printer lease agreement now

Copier or printer finance contracts usually have a minimum term of between 3 to 5 years. Over this period of time many things could change in your business and you may find that your company needs to get out of its current contract before the term has expired.


Why would you want to get out of your current copier or printer lease agreement?

Your company has grown in size and the equipment no longer has enough capacity or speed for your requirements.

Your print needs have changed and the current equipment does not have the feature-set required.

The equipment is constantly breaking down and is now affecting business productivity.

Your current print vendor takes days to have parts delivered & to fix our machines.

You spend days & days every month trying to reconcile our account.


If we upgrade our contract now, who is liable for the balance of payments of the current office copier printer lease agreement?

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure all existing contracts are terminated before entering into a new printing agreement.

Whether you upgrade printing agreements with your existing vendor or switch to B2B Digital Solutions before the end of your current contract’s minimum term, the outstanding balance of the finance contract needs to be covered, before entering any new agreement.


If we upgrade our contract now, how could we actually save money?

Based on implementing the unique fixed cost per seat printing agreement, our print management software will eliminate wastage, reduce monthly colour print volume and cut your total printer agreement costs.


We are so confident in our ability to reduce your printing costs we will provide an agreement that is based on a fixed cost per seat instead of a variable price per page.

If you would like to discuss how to get out of your current printing agreement now & switch to our unique fixed cost per seat printing agreement please call 1300 43 22 22 and let the experts at B2B Digital Solutions take care of everything.